Anderson’s Engineering is a design and Manufacturing company based in Hertfordshire, UK.

We are happy to provide free consultations to inventors or creators who need help in identifying the next step to take with their project with regards to design or manufacturing options.


We specialise in:

  • Accurate 3D computer modelling –  We can create 3D computer models of your designs allowing you to visualise your work, test new ideas or adjust existing designs.
  • Rapid prototyping – We can rapidly build your products or designs using 3D printing or high speed CNC machining.
  • Reverse engineering – Using the latest laser scanning technology we can digitally rebuild broken or worn parts and machine new ones.


We also offer other engineering and manufacturing services including:

  • Laser cutting services
  • Fine diamond engraving or laser etching service
  • Precision machining of metals and composites
  • Circuit board design, prototyping and manufacture
  • Complex mechanical or electronic repairs
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Embedded control systems
  • Firmware development
  • Software and application development